Instructions manual

Listen Radio 

This page lets you listen to radio on a specific date and time. By default, you will have access to what was playing half an hour before the current time, but clicking on Change, you can switch to another day or time.

In the main part of the page we see the player, showing the radio program you are listening and the timeline by which you can navigate and move.

Principales funciones del reproductor

Create a cut

At any time while listening to the radio you can Create a cut,this is, a segment of audio that you can describe to then be found more easily by other users

When clicking on Cut Fields should be filled to describe the cut, and the current time will be recorded as the beginning of the cut. If you want to change then the start of the cut, you can do this by dragging the start mark (L-shaped) to the desired position. Playback will continue, and in the meantime you can go and fill up the form. You can click on End of cut click on Save will take the current position as the end of the cut.

See the audio cut 

In different sections of the page, you will find links to other cuts. As already described, a cut is a segment of audio with a description. From this page you can share a cut in social networks. When finished, you can continue listening to the same radio, at the time following the cut.